In order to stay safe in the kitchen, it's important to understand the dangers of sharp knives and hot stoves, especially when cooking with kids.  So when you're cooking with podi hands, there are a few things to keep in mind:
 - If the child has long hair, have them tie it back to prevent it from catching on fire or blocking their view.
 - Teach them about washing their hands before they start helping in the kitchen, before and after handling raw foods.
 - If your child is quite young, don't let them use knives, the blender, the stove, or anything else that could potentially cause an injury.
 - When using sharp or dangerous objects like knives, food processors or blenders make sure to monitor the child at all times and inform them what is and isn't okay to do.
 - When cooking with pots and pans, teach your child to turn the handles away from them so they don't accidentally knock them over.
 - With older kids, teach them how to use cooking utensils properly, as well as general safety and how to put out a fire if an emergency occurs.
 - Apart from the hazards from heat and sharp objects, there are safety concerns regarding food preparation too. Improper food prep can lead to food poisoning, so teach kids about handling/cooking meat and eggs correctly. Be mindful of food allergies too, especially when introducing kids to new ingredients.
 - Make sure kids learn that cleaning up after themselves is as important as cooking!
This is by no means a comprehensive list regarding kitchen safety. So please practice discretion and vigilance when cooking, for the safety of yourself and your kids. 
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