Miss Podi Hands does not like carrots. She always picks out the visible bits of bright orange carrot and keeps them aside on her plate. So, when we got a few large carrots last week, I felt that turning them in to cake would be a good way to make her change her mind. (Spoiler alert- she did not)
This recipe turned out so well. We added half a grated green apple and 2 slices of chopped pineapple too, to add sweetness, moisture and increase fiber content. The cake turned out so soft and moist. It’s a fairly healthy recipe, as you can play around with the quantity of sugar added. The small man in particular loved it and if given the chance would eat a slice at any time of the day. 
 - 2.5 cups grated Carrot
 - ½ grated Green Apple
 - 2 slices of chopped Pineapple
 - ½ cup Refined Coconut Oil
 - ¾ cup Brown Sugar
 - 2 Eggs
 - 1.5 cups Self Raising Flour
 - ½ tsp Baking soda
 - A pinch of Nutmeg
 - A pinch of Cinnamon
First, we pre heated the oven to 180C and lined our loaf tin with greaseproof paper. You can also use an 8inch baking tin. 

Then, we cracked 2 eggs in to a bowl and whisked it till it was light and aerated. We added brown sugar, oil and spices and mixed it well. We added the carrot and fruit and mixed well until combined. We then sifted in flour and baking soda and folded it into the mixture until just combined. Avoid over-mixing the batter; and put it in the baking tray. This goes in to the oven for 30-35 minutes until a skewer comes out almost clean. Since the cake is really moist, a few crumbs may stick to the skewer. 

My nod to traditional cream cheese frosting is Sri Lankan buffalo curd, mixed with powdered sugar and a squeeze of lime. This needs to be refrigerated so I didn’t slather it over the top of the cake, but drizzled generous amounts over each slice of cake! A slice of carrot cake with a hot cup of coffee at in the evening... Oh happy days!

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