This is a fiery tangy cocktail, made with passionfruit, rum and tequila. Not to mention, the "Dynamite" hot sauce from Nai Miris by Island Mom that gives it an extra special kick!

 - 1 cup fresh passionfruit pulp + more for garnish
 - 50ml Water
 - 25ml Rum
 - 25ml Tequila
 - 50 ml Lemon crush
 - 1-2 tsp Miris "Dynamite" hot sauce
 - 1 tsp Sugar
 - Sprigs of mint

 1. Muddle mint with passionfruit pulp and sugar, just for a few seconds to release the oils in the mint.
 2. Add water, rum, tequila and Miris Dynamite sauce.
 3. Stir well and strain into glasses with ice, ¾ way up.
 4. Top with Lemon crush (or preferred sweetened lemon/lime flavoured fizzy soda).
 5. Stir and garnish with mint and a spoon of passionfruit pulp.

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