If there was ever a quick and easy way of creating delicious pastries, in a matter of minutes, this is it. No messing about with flour, no elbow grease required and no rolling out puff pastry.  What you do need are frozen parathas and your filling of choice. My favourite is deviled meatballs and egg!
Basically, allow the paratha to defrost slightly, so that it’s pliable and fill it with your chosen filling. Then seal the edges, either crimp them or use a fork and air fry or bake for 8-10 mins at 200C. That's it. So easy and quick!
If you cut one paratha in half, you get 2 fairly big pastries which are easier to maneuver than one extra large one. These are best served hot, fresh out of the oven, as they are crisp and crunchy, rich and delicious! A super quick and easy snack, breakfast or dinner option. And the filling options are limitless. 

Note- This recipe is inspired by "The Whimsical Chef" who made some Paratha Pastries a while back. 

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