We’ve been looking for an afternoon treat these days, a small sweet pick me up for when those after-lunch cravings come by. This chocolate pudding really hit that sweet spot. The best part is this is practically guilt free since it's gluten free and vegan, with no refined sugar, butter or eggs! 

 - 2 Avocados
 - 2 tablespoons Treacle
 - 2 tablespoons Cocoa powder

Just blitz it all in a blender or food processor until smooth, luscious and deliciously dark chocolate brown. Serve immediately or chill it down and serve cold. 
So, the base of this pudding is obviously avocado, blended with cocoa and your favourite natural syrup. Kithul treacle, maple syrup, golden syrup or honey (though it’s not vegan) are all good choices. You can add as much cocoa powder and syrup as you like, depending on how dark and sweet you like it. You can even add some melted chocolate to take the decadence levels to new heights, but it’s really not needed. Avocados, full of good omega 3 fats, are pretty rich and make a really indulgent pudding.
We had ours with a few white chocolate chips sprinkled on top. The milky sweet pops of white chocolate taste lovely against the almost bitter dark chocolate pudding. 

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